’’Meet and Greet“ Event

On March 5th 2017, within the facilities of ARTPOINT company, a ’’meet and greet“ event was organized, hosting guests from TCT cycling association. In our strives to live a healthier lifestyle, we combined sports and environmental protection in one mutual goal. It is higly recommended for every individual to practice sports, cycling being amongst most […]


Celebrating our first birthday

At the occasion ending the first and very successful business year of company ARTPOINT, the company’s team organized a celebration to share with our friends and business cooperators. The previews year ended as a year of growth and learning. Honored by presence of a great number of successful businessmen, we have summarized the results of […]

About us

ARTPOINT Ltd. represents a company dedicated to protecting the environment. It is our mission to deal with hazardous and non-hazardous waste in nature through secure, efficient and socially responsible processes, using the latest achievements in recycling technology. Our vision is concerned about the needs of modern lifestyle, emphasizing the responsibility for a clean and healthy […]